Washington Martial Arts Association | DOR Agrees to Meeting
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DOR Agrees to Meeting

25 Nov DOR Agrees to Meeting

Via our lobbyist, Chester Baldwin: “Meeting is Next week, December 2nd at 4:00pm. AND the meeting will be with Drew Shirk (Senior Assistant Director of Tax Policy). That is great news because he doesn’t usually take first meetings but He is the man that can actually make a decision on this issue.”

Chester feels that we got this meeting with the top DOR guy because they realize there are problems and there is already significant support for legislation to reverse this.

We need 2-5 people to attend with us. This is not a public hearing but a sit-down with the Department of Revenue specifically. This is a meeting where being hot-headed or misinformed will be damaging to our efforts.

On Tuesday morning at 11:00am next week we need to have a sit down meeting with Chester and Mark and those who want to attend to make sure everyone is prepared properly and working together. Everyone is welcome though! It will be at MKG Martial Arts again. If you want to go to Olympia it’s very important to be available at this meeting in Seattle on Tuesday AND Wednesday in Olympia.

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