Washington Martial Arts Association | Department of Revenue Meeting Results
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Department of Revenue Meeting Results

02 Dec Department of Revenue Meeting Results

12/02/2015 DOR Meeting Result/Thoughts

Yesterday at 4:00 pm, Korbett Miller, Joni Sharrah, Chris Herrman, Jordan Giarratano, Bruce Bookman, Angie Lee, Jason Lee Chester Baldwin and Mark Gjurasic had a cordial meeting with Drew Shirk and another representative of the Department of Revenue.

The GOOD News – The good news is that the Department of Revenue has absolutely no issue with the martial arts industry. If we can get a new law passed that exempts martial arts altogether they have no problem with that. One of the first things they made clear was that they would not oppose us and are sympathetic.

They said they had heard from hundreds of people and many legislators. They are willing to work with us crafting a bill that works for us and the DOR.

Their only agenda is and was to be able to do their jobs easily and make sure ambiguity does not creep back in.

The ‘BAD’ News – Despite pointing out the legal issues as the law stands, the lack of participation/notification and other irregularities the idea of holding off implementation was a can of worms they were very, very reluctant to entertain.

WAITING – Was really glad to have Mark Gjurasic there on our side because he pressed to delay implementation assertively many times. They seemed VERY resistant at first but when Mark asked us all to tell our stories at the end it seemed to really crack the egg. Probably not a strong possibility but who knows. Mark will ask again and we’ll know for sure in a few days.

NEXT – Do what we knew we were going to have to do anyway…work our butts off and get the law changed by April 1st. We actually have a completed bill in hand that a lawmaker had written for us. Given the direction we got from DOR today I think we’re going to come up with something that will work fairly quickly.

After that it is finding the right sponsors, getting face time with as many lawmakers as possible and getting organized.

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