Washington Martial Arts Association | Sales Tax Implementation Follow-Up
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Sales Tax Implementation Follow-Up

17 Dec Sales Tax Implementation Follow-Up

Mark Gjurasic and Andy Wilson followed up with Department of Revenue regarding their ruling on the application of retail sales tax to martial arts and have been told that a final decision has not been made by the Director yet. They made it very clear to the DOR that there is a very short window before this implementation and there is a large amount of work that must be done if they do implement this tax so we need a decision very soon. We will be contacting them again today to follow-up.

Also, Andy will be following up with them today on our two bill drafts that we have asked for their input on. He has reason to believe that they will be supportive of one if not both drafts. In anticipation of that, we have started working with the Washington State Code Reviser’s office on final drafts of the bills so that we can get blue and pink sheets for lawmaker signatures (changes can easily be made at any time even with final drafts so there is no reason not to be working on this in parallel while awaiting draft approval from DOR on our bills).

Once we have those drafts from the Code Reviser’s Office and we’re agreed on final wording, we can have lawmakers sign on to the bill and look for a hearing. 

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